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Five Fantastic Programming languages to software developers

Five Fantastic Programming languages to software developers Oct 4, 2020
In Our generattion we used classic programming languages like java, python, c++ etc. but here, i mentioned five fentastic programming languages to developers.dcds

I hope you're a everyday learner and Tech enthusiast. We have many classic programming languages in current generation but here We can Discuss five most important emerging languages. my juniors are asked which programming is good to get the better future like java or python. i know both are best in their technology world. i feel really funny when the two types techie beasts go to war to compare each other. here we have many alternatives but no one focus on it. i mentioned here the five programming languages which have better future. take a look once.

  1. Rust
  2. Golang
  3. Elixir
  4. Kotlin
  5. Node.js

**1. Rust ** Rust is Excellent Programming Language to Current Developers. It is Really Type Safe Programming Language and Has Extreme Speed like C++ Programming Language. We can Develop Cross Platform Web and Desktop Applications Easily with Rust.

// filename - hello.rs
// This is the main function

fn main() {
    // Print text to the console
    println!("Hello World!");

$ rustc hello.rs

$ ./hello
Hello World!

**2. Golang ** I really surprised from last years, when golang is in Battle, we can solve many complex problem easily like scale the application, speed, Multi threading and Flexible Functional Programming Style. I am Huge fan off Goroutines, because it can handle Threads automatically without any Stress.

package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
    fmt.Println("hello world")

$ go run hello-world.go
hello world

$ go build hello-world.go
$ ls

hello-world    hello-world.go

$ ./hello-world
hello world

3. Elixir In Few Years back I really Disappointed of Erlang Programming Language Complexity. But when Elixir is Released, i surprised it is now easy, fast and simple too. It can Handle Real Time Applications Very Easily and We can Run Streaming Applications with Minimum Requirements. Thanks to Erlang Team. Currently I am using Phoenix Framework with Elixir to Develop the Real Time Web Applications.

# File: hello.exs

IO.puts "Hello world!"

$ elixir hello.exs

Hello world!

** 4. Kotlin ** I mostly hate Java Programming Language but After Study the Kotlin Stricture, It is look like. I am just thinking use this language to mobile apps. Because now Kotlin Support Android, ios, Web Application, I mean you can handle all 3 applications with Single Codebase..!! (i didn't tried this).

// Hello World Program

fun main(args : Array<String>) {
    println("Hello, World!")

**5. Node.js ** Finally JavaScript in Battle with amazing performance with Node Engine. I really like JavaScript Simplicity Because it is now support Front end, Back End and Mobile Applications too. I used all 3 ways. We Have Currently Modern JavaScript Frameworks to Develop the Web and Mobile and Cross Platform Applications.

// hello.js

console.log('Hello World');

$node hello.js

Hello World!