Jagadeesh Katla

How to Avoid Project Stress.

How to Avoid Project Stress. Sep 6, 2020
Many Developers Face this problem in the project during the time. Stress will happen when your work makes complex others or yourself. and Here we can Discuss How to Avoid Project Stress in our work.

This Article is writing based on my co-team and my personal experience. almost every company employee faces this problem except only top companies employers because management gives the best treatment to them. so why project stress will happen in our work.! let see, I can give 5 reasons here.

1. stress will happen when extra work not included in the plan. We know managers / Boss says client demanded, we need to finish it, other non-sense words, etc but give less time to finish the work. the utter non-sense is they demand work on extra hours also.

2. Most Project Managers / Boss does not have technical knowledge in your domain. suppose if we talk about new technology details, new methods to data handling, etc, then they ask continuous questions till the complete understanding. (for god's sake we finish in that time). at this moment, they can't interest use new technology when the project in middle but force finish it

3. work on issues management. remember this word in mind " Every Developer is not a Perfect Developer". we made mistakes in our work so many issues will happen. so don't shout on developers and our co-workers and don't insult their work. if you know how to write perfect code then show yourself and teach to them else shut your mouth

4. application down time. almost every project face this issue. at this time many companies not have backup plans if application down. so they froce employees like fix it immediately, fix it asap, don't leave without fix etc. they eat almost employee brain (We have only one). so too much strees generate in our minds.

5. give FYI to you when problem is not your side, like a circus master. one of worst situations in work. many common FYI are "I don't know but do it what you think", "oh sorry, they need changes again", "office politics and xossip's", etc. I thought many times when someone give FYI (I renamed it FIY- fuck instead yourself). at this moment, you loss your mind because your mind fillted with others problems

I noticed only Five Here but we face many like work on excel sheets, maintain a taem in different tasks... So I founf ten best solutions to avoid this stress. these will help in your life.

1. Don't make complex your work with other problems and don't respond until you work finish. (if other work just take small time then help them).
2. Enjoy your Holidays with family and friends.  don't this office/project problems at this time.
3. Maintain a Journal / To-do list on your work or use colloboration tools.
4. Learn how to say NO in your work, or say wait some time.
5. Project Problems is not only yours.  so discuss with team.  if they force do unpredicted work argue with them (don't be shout at this time).
6. Don't loss your mind in work hours. if you unlimited stress then use stress relief techniques.
7. go to out side 10 or 20 minutes if your mind with full of problems or empty.
8. Take Other's Help when you have no idea. if you work alone in project then ask in community groups. 
9. Remeber Your manager's / Boss not help in your work. they have their business and limits too.
   if they shout, don't give response until you come in normal postition. (or say go to hell if you like leave the work)
10. when a problem raise ask give some time, if problem coming again and again they implement new solution.

I hope this will help avoid the project stress when you work on projects. My Team dn me Faced many situations like above, but luckly we closed many and give it up sometimes.