Jagadeesh Katla

10 Rules to Every Software Engineer

10 Rules to Every Software Engineer Aug 30, 2020
If you are Software Developer, then you know what are the problems in your work life. only top companies employees stay happy in this era because the companies understand their problems. what about others..! so I noticed here 10 rules to your happy developer life. Every Rule Avoid the Problems in Your work but be Crazy.

I Understand this 10 Rules give happy life to me and every Developer. sometimes it is impossible follow this rules Especially when your Boss Push into Unpredicted Works and Client Expect in Impossible Timelines. My co-employees and Freieds said me "I don't have time man so I can't do anything new". I know how time going from their hands. Because they Allowed control their work life to others. i don't talk about selfish things here, just giving 10 rules. that's it.

* Rule 1:  Never Stop Learning
* Rule 2:  Always Be Lazy
* Rule 3:  Don't be Try Perfect Code
* Rule 4:  Control Everything in Your Limits
* Rule 5:  If Code works, then Don't touch it.
* Rule 6:  Shut Your Mouth, If you know Everything and what Happen with Others Code.
* Rule 7:  Don't be Debug in Live.
* Rule 8:  Hate the Excel Sheets.
* Rule 9:  Be Update Yourself in Online
* Rule 0:  Don't Allow Others in Your Free Time.

Try to Follow this 10 Rules (always i am) and see the results some days. I am sure this will help when you're irritated from Project, Management and Your brain.