• 10 Rules to Software Developers to Happy Life

    Posted by: Jagadeesh Katla Aug 2, 2020

    If you are Software Developer, then you know what are the problems in your work life. only top companies employees stay happy in this era because the companies understand their problems. what about others..! so I simple mention 10 rules to your happy developer life. Every Rule Avoid the Problems in Your work but be Crazy.

  • Why Artificial Intelligence Technology is Expensive..!

    Posted by: Jagadeesh Katla July 26, 2020

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Most Common BUzzwords in last 10 years but it is not new technology. it gained the popularity when the rise of deep learning, data revolution and availability of supported harware resources.In Current generation, most of companies use AI to handle the complex tasks in Different Sectors like Agriculture, e-commerce, Health Sciences, Deepfake, Market Analysis, Speech Recognition etc.

  • How to Choose Perfect Web Application Framework to your projects

    Posted by: Jagadeesh Katla July 19, 2020

    A web Framework is specially designed with design patterns to develop the web based applications. In this modern age, we have many web application frameworks to develop the web applications. but the each one designed to special service operational domains. In This Article we can discuss how to choose a perfect web framework to our project requirements.

  • Five Fantastic and Latest Programming Languages to Software Developers

    Posted by: Jagadeesh Katla July 12, 2020

    In Our generattion we used classic programming languages like java, python, c++ etc. but here, i mentioned five fentastic programming languages to developers.dcds

  • A Better Way to Handle the DNS Records in Your Organization

    Posted by: Jagadeesh Katla July 5, 2020

    DNS Record Management is a Technique to handle your human readable domain names. in this article, we can discuss of basic level understanding of most common records and how to handle with different public IP addresses. Domain Name System (DNS) is a system to connect your website to end users with human readable names and it can establish identify the your business / personal identity.


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